Stubborn Fat Fix

Over 35 & Still Struggling to lose Stubborn belly fat?

Breakthrough Harvard Research Reveals  Weird British-Ab Trick That Cures Your “Hidden Metabolic Glitch” And Forces You To Lose 10 Pounds Of Stubborn Fat From Your Trouble Spots In Just 21 Days

Shocking Evidence Proves You Need To “Take It Easy” And Stop Being So Hard On Yourself If You Want To Have A Slim, Youthful Body Again

From: Mauricio Huerta, CPT
Creator of The Stubborn Fat Fix Formula

“I don’t love you anymore.”

“I can’t even imagine wanting to be with a woman who’s gotten as fat as you have…”

“I’m calling this wedding off.”

The words he spoke to her ripped open her chest and speared her heart with a razor sharp dagger.

The man she loved and had devoted her life to.

The man who had given her 2 beautiful children…

The man she truly thought would love her forever through thick and thin…

Spoke those awful words to her and turned her entire world upside down.

As Nicole recalled this story to me she froze.

A suffocating wave of pain gripped her throat and forced her soft voice to crack.

Her intense hurt turned into anger as she cried out:

“How could he do that to me?”

“How could he just abandon me like that?

Tears streamed out of her eyes as she continued to tell me her story of heartbreak and betrayal.

I feel so worthless and ugly… I feel like I could never be loved by anyone.”

“I’m not a skinny girl who can eat what she likes, I’ve tried so hard to lose this weight but nothing is helping me.”

Even though I’m a man, I found it easy to relate to Nicole’s stubborn fat struggle…

In fact, her story was something I hear from a lot of my clients struggling to lose weight.

But before I reveal to you the “British Ab Trick”, that’s helped thousands worldwide flatten their belly.

I want you to imagine… If you could have it all…

A lean, sexy tight and toned body that creates instant respect from your friends, family and co-workers…

That also gives you the amazing health and energy of a 20-year old, letting you feel light, refreshed…

Allowing you to do all the activities you want with your spouse and family.

Without going to a gym or sacrificing your favorite foods…

Now hold onto that picture of your perfect life…We’re going to come back to that in a second.

Because I’m first going to reveal to you something that might make you a little bit angry.

What would you say if I told you that… 

It’s NOT Your Fault

If you’ve been struggling to lose those stubborn pounds from your trouble spots like Nicole.

Well, don’t just listen to me.

I have scientific research from Harvard University that PROVES it.

You see, you ARE doing all the right things…

But it’s your genetics that is stopping you from getting results.

In fact, this NEW scientific research has just revealed the REAL reason why you struggle to lose weight.

It goes back over 10,000 years…

Back to when we were all naturally lean and healthy…

But then something happened… something that set our bodies up for failure whenever we decided to go on a strict diet.

This genetic trick is being played on you every single day.

And it prevents you from losing weight and getting rid of your stubborn and deadly belly fat.

Now that’s the bad news…

But there is good news.

In fact, you could even call it GREAT NEWS!

Because no matter how frustrated you are today, these Harvard researchers have revealed the answer to your dieting problems.

And when you get to know about their amazing new cold water trick that forces your body to burn fat faster, you’ll finally be able to live that life you were imaging just a minute ago.

So it’s important that you not stop reading until the VERY END…

Because what you’re about to discover is the key to finally getting rid of those last pounds that just seem to cling to your belly, thighs and hips no matter what you do.

You see,as bad as the heartbreak that Nicole had gone through was… it paled in comparison to the silent assassin hiding out in her body.

Serious Heart Disease Can Go Undetected For Years And Cause Sudden Death Without the SLIGHTEST Warning

When Nicole first came to me as a last resort before giving up, she thought that she was just trying to look better in her clothes.

What she didn’t know is that the fat that just didn’t want to leave her troubled areas…

…was silently strangling her organs.

Putting EXTREME FORCE on her lungs and heart, literally suffocating her organs from inside her body and causing her heart to work up to 3 times harder!

In fact, according to the American Heart Association stress on the lungs and heart from excess body fat leads to the #1 cause of preventable death in people over 35.

What’s more… stubborn belly fat has been shown in multiple studies published by the National Institute of Health to release toxic, inflaming chemicals that increase your risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiopulmonary disease, and even cancer.

So if you think it’s just your beach body that’s suffering from stubborn fat…


Her Heart Breaking Separation And Constant Stress From Raising Her Two Children Led To Uncontrollable Stubborn Fat.

After her fiancée left her, the need to pay the bills and take care of her two young children forced Nicole to get 2 jobs.

She worked herself to the bone…the constant stress and pressure of trying to stay ahead and raise her kids the right way made it difficult to find the time to go the gym and exercise.

She tried different diets, eating low carb, numerous fasting routines, all kinds of fad supplements and weight loss powders, and dozens of different popular workout routines she saw advertised on TV.

She forced herself to eat way less and exercise 6 and then even 7 times per week…

All to try and strip away the stubborn pooch belly, dimpled thighs, and ugly flab on her hips that just seemed to bloat more and more with every weight loss attempt she made.

It seemed hopeless…

Every day she seemed to get more tired and sluggish, more unhappy, and more depressed.

And even though she had toxic stubborn belly fat that was strangling her vital organs and potentially ruining her health…

Her doctors just shrugged their shoulders and gave her a bottle of pills to ease her nerves or help her sleep better.

Why Stricter Diets and More Exercise Are Dooming You To a Lifetime of Unsightly Stubborn Fat and Multiplying Your Risk For Heart Disease, Cancer and Sudden Death

I realize that may sound scary.

When I first had to break the news to Nicole I could see that I was piling on even more stress and worry…

But I’ll prove to you in just a moment that all those deprivation diets and marathon exercise sessions are doing nothing but causing your stubborn fat cells to grow explosively.

What Nicole and most of those who suffer with unsightly stubborn fat don’t know is that your body is programmed to store stubborn fat, especially if you’re over 35.

A landmark study just published out of the University of Arizona has shown that people who engage in long, calorie burning workouts DO NOT burn more calories than sedentary people.

What’s more… recent research shows that long, strenuous workouts like those sold in TV infomercials by celebrity trainers can actually increase your risk of sudden death.

It sure seems like all of those “calorie burner” workouts really aren’t delivering on their promises after all.

And all of this actually triggers genetic changes that shift your metabolism to carry the energy you eat in your food directly into fat cells in those problem areas…

While simultaneously choking off the healthy blood supply that’s needed to deliver the fat-burning enzymes you need to melt it away…

So the stubborn fat continues to pile onto your body, strangling your organs, and spewing out toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your body chemistry and ratchet up your risk for deadly disease.

1. Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity. Herman Pontzer et al. in PLOS ONE, Vol. 7, No. 7, Article NO e40503, July 25, 2012

2. Physical Exertion, Exercise, and Sudden Cardiac Death in Women. W. Whang et. al, CiteWeb ID: 20060054778

The Hidden Metabolic Glitch Left Over From Your Evolutionary Past That Forces Your Body To Cling To Stubborn Fat

99% of all personal trainers, nutrition experts, dieticians, and even medical doctors completely overlook this.

They are content to sell you pills, powders, potions, and butt busting workouts that leave you feeling low-energy and burnout…

They make billions while you suffer and continue to beat your head against the wall as those last pounds of fat in all those troubled areas of your body never even budge.

And it really pisses me off because I see this over and over again in my clients.

Hard working single moms like Nicole who struggled with stubborn fat that won’t go away.

Taking a toll on their health, their work lives, and even their romantic lives.

Creating sadness, stress, and senselessly increasing their risk for sudden death.

All because of a little-known glitch left over from our evolutionary ancestry that all but guarantees you’ll struggle with stubborn fat for the rest of your days…

The TRUE Reason Nicole Had Trouble Burning Away Trouble Spot Fat is a Hidden “Metabolic Glitch” That Prevented Her Body from Making Enough Calorie Burning “Good Fat

You see, us humans faced a really unique set of survival challenges all of those hundreds of thousands of years ago on the African plains.

Our larger brains and longer lifespans forced our metabolisms to run at higher rates…

A faster metabolism actually caused us to develop a very specific type of fat cell that is less common in other animals.

See… your body actually has 2 types of fat.

The first type is the kind that you’re familiar with called “white adipose tissue” or simply “white fat.”

White fat is what you see on your body.

It’s that squishy belly that bulges over the waistline of your pants…

It’s that dimpled, ugly layer over your hips that makes you embarrassed to wear a bathing suit…

It’s those saggy pockets around your butt that make you look and feel years older than your true age.

You have this fat for a reason…

When your hunter-gatherer ancestors were hiding out in caves and foraging for food in the wild they could go days or even weeks without a proper meal.

There were no 24-hour diners or fast food restaurants with late night menus that could serve up a high calorie meal on demand.

Without a backup source of fuel… your body couldn’t meet the constant energy demands.

White fat is that backup energy source that keeps you alive.

The other kind of fat is called “brown adipose tissue” or simply brown fat.
Unlike white fat, brown fat is far more metabolically active.

It has more capillaries and little cellular energy factories called “mitochondria” to help make the energy your body needs.

Brown fat doesn’t sit on your body and store energy like white fat… it’s job is actually to increase energy output.

While white fat layers up on your body… brown fat is “good fat” that actually helps to keep you lean.

So if you want to burn away the stubborn fat in those trouble areas and reveal the slender, smooth and attractive body underneath you need to increase your level of brown fat…

But here’s where the trouble starts.

Traditional Diets Actually Prevent Your Body From Freeing Up Energy Inside Of Your Stubborn Fat Cells

That’s because traditional diets make you hungry, lower energy, raise cortisol levels and send signals to your cells that make your body fear that it won’t have enough energy.

So your genes have evolved to slow down the production of brown fat if your body “feels” that it won’t be able to meet energy demands.

See…when your body is deprived and burned out…

Like what happens when you start to overwhelm it with long, strenuous workouts and low calorie diets…

Your genes get a signal from your fat cells to shut down the production of a hormone called Irisin.

Irisin can actually change fat cells from white fat – which stores extra calories to brown fat – which burns those extra calories up.

It’s your “Good Fat Hormone”.

Brown fat is so powerful that it will eat up all those white fat cells that are bulging your belly, causing your clothes to tighten up, and dimpling your thighs and butt with ugly stubborn flab.

No matter your age or genetics, if you can keep producing brown fat… you’ll slim and tone your body in record time.

But your body keeps shutting down the production of your good fat hormone and stopping your body from burning fat in those all those trouble areas…

All because traditional diets and workouts are telling your body to make your fat cells more stubborn.

Most dieters “know” that eating less and moving more is the key to losing that stubborn fat so they double down on the traditional approach.

But this triggers your metabolic glitch that shuts down the good fat hormone…

And forces your body to send out even larger hunger signals which causes you will power to fade.

This Is Why Traditional Diets and Workouts FAIL Miserably At Burning Up Stubborn Fat

If your body is converting enough white fat to brown fat… it will very quickly start to turn off the fat storing signals and turn on the fat burning signals.

This is because the brown fat is telling your body to make energy.

When you first go on a diet, your body produces plenty of calorie-burning brown fat to shrink your ugly white fat cells.

But as you start to get leaner… the process grinds to a halt.

The only way to continue to burn fat is to keep the energy demands high.

But as we discussed already…

Strenuous Exercise Does NOT Increase The Amount of Energy Your Body Uses

And continuing to cut calories sends a signal to your DNA to shut down the production of Irisin – the good fat hormone…

Which means that white fat cells can’t get converted into energy hungry brown fat cells.

So your body fights back, continues to produce out of control hunger signals and wears your will power down.

You eventually give in and since you’ve been depriving yourself for so long…

Your body overcompensates, you end up binging and eating too many calories and your progress continues to slow down.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’re like Nicole and my other clients… this cycle of strict dieting and strenuous exercise followed by a period of binging and low activity continues for months or even years.

And each time you go through this you send out signals in your body that make every bit of weight you gain back more and more resistant to being burned.

So you end up with body fat that is almost impossible to burn no matter how strict you diet or how much you exercise.

Increasing Brown Fat Is The Only Scientifically Proven Way To Permanently Burn Off Stubborn Fat

To understand why… you first have to understand what “stubborn” fat really is.

See, your fat cells are coated with thousands of little gateways that allow the hormone adrenaline to enter.

Scientists call these gateways “receptors.”

Now… there are actually two types of receptors on your fat cells that adrenaline molecules can attach to.

The first type is called an Alpha type receptor.

The other is called a Beta type receptor.

When adrenaline attaches to an Alpha type receptor a chemical message is sent to the cell that halts the conversion of stored calories into energy…

But when it attaches to a Beta type receptor… the opposite occurs.

So your body has an organized way of managing energy just like you probably have an organized way of managing your finances.

The money that’s put into your checking account gets spent first.

That’s the money you use to pay your bills, buy food, and have fun with.

The money you put into a savings account gets spent only if you don’t have enough in your checking account to meet your bills.

Then there’s money you put into retirement accounts like a 401K.

That’s the money you will only spend when you’re ready to retire or in an extreme emergency.

Your fat cells are very similar, and your DNA determines how many Alpha and Beta-receptors are on each type of cell.

Those with more Alpha-receptors than Beta-receptors are “stubborn” in that they are not likely to be burned first.

Since traditional diets and workout routines shut down the production of brown fat that keeps calorie burning high…

The stubborn fat never gets used.

It hangs around on your body and no matter how hard you try to burn it off…

Your body will fight back because it doesn’t have enough energy burning brown fat to free up the stored energy your body needs to keep running.

So instead your brain sends you signals to eat junk food and cut down on activity instead of dipping in and shrinking up that ugly stubborn fat on your butt, tummy, hips and thighs.

The 5 Second Doctor Approved Routine to Discover If You’re A Victim of the Hidden Metabolic Glitch That Forces You to Store Stubborn Fat

If you’re still reading at this point then it’s almost certain that you are suffering from the hidden metabolic glitch…

This glitch is shutting down your brown fat production, stunting your calorie burning, and making sure that you can’t melt away your stubborn fat.

And even when you can manage to improve your body composition a little bit…

It’s always painfully slow and your body rebounds by quickly gaining back even more fat that’s even tougher to burn off than before.

Unfortunately, no one was really able to tell you why you had such a hard time losing that stubborn fat.

And why you continued to suffer from slow progress month after month or even year after year.

Because everyone keeps getting told the same stuff… that it’s “calories in and calories out.”

Or that you simply need to “work out more and burn off extra calories…”

But for the millions of women and men who struggle with stubborn fat loss, we know this simply isn’t the case.

So, how can you know for sure that your body has stopped making the good fat hormone?

Simple… pinch the fat around any part of your body that loses fat easily.

Now pinch the fat around your trouble spots like hips, glutes and thighs.

Does it feel cooler and a little harder to the touch than skin in your less stubborn areas?

If the answer is yes…

Then you’re off the hook.

The stubborn fat you’ve been torturing yourself for weeks, months or even years to melt away is NOT YOUR FAULT!

You’ve been following the “eat less, move more” prescription for weight loss that only helps you lose the first few pounds of weight.

Now for even more good news…

Not only is it not your fault that you haven’t been able to melt that stubborn fat from those troubled areas on your body…

You can easily turn OFF the stubborn fat storing signals in your body…

And quickly activate your GOOD FAT HORMONE that will ramp up the conversion of white fat cells into stubborn-fat-melting brown fat cells.

That’s Exactly What Nicole Experienced When She Activated Her Ultimate Fat Burning Hormone Irisin

Once I started to work with her and showed her the 10-Minute Trick to activate her Irisin  Hormone…

Which I’ll share with you in just a moment…

The changes that she started to make to her body were nothing short of miraculous.

Just 3 short weeks after she started this done for you protocol she was walking with her two young children in a park not far form where the family lived.

She was wearing her favorite workout suit that she’d worn for years…

She hadn’t even thought about her diet or her weight for weeks.

While she was rounding a pond on that beautiful late spring afternoon…

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the water surface and felt something she hadn’t felt since her fiancé called off their wedding…

She felt pride.

The bulging tummy and thighs that sent warm currents of shame up into her cheeks whenever she saw her reflection were finally starting to shrink.

Her kids were constantly telling her how great she looked.

And her boss at her night job started to notice the changes to her body and gave her compliments.

She even met a new man that she started dating seriously.

She was filled with so much pride and happiness…

She felt lighter than air.

The aches in her joints and lower back that used to constantly plague her day and night went away.

And at her very next check up with her doctor…

Any and all signs of cardiovascular disease and diabetes had completely disappeared!

Her whole body just changed…

From the way she spoke, to how often she smiled, and even the way she carried herself.

And all of this within 21 days.

All told Nicole would go on to lose 50 lbs of fat that would change her body from this:

I want everyone who is reading this page right now to feel exactly what Nicole felt.

The giddy energy and warm joy that comes from finally feeling proud of your body…

And the fastest and easiest way that you can achieve these same results is…

Turn ON Your “Irisin Hormone” & Torch 10 Pounds of Ugly, Dimpled Stubborn Fat From Your Tummy, Thighs, Hips and Butt in Just 21 Days

There’s an extremely easy way to start to turn ON the power of your Good Fat Hormone and start to rev up your stubborn fat burning power plant…

It involves a unique study published by Harvard University.

I’ll tell you all about how I discovered this breakthrough research in just a second…

But I just want to let you know that you can accomplish everything that Nicole accomplished in record time and all…

Without starving yourself or giving up all of those mouth-watering treats you love, in fact periodically indulging in those “forbidden diet foods” is an important part of your success…

Without joint busting workouts that put extra strain on your ankles, knees and lower back that make you feel exhausted and too tired to even move.

Without lifting heavy weights or doing “bulking” exercises that make you feel thick and heavy instead of strong, toned, and trim.

Without even leaving your own room to go to a nasty intimidating germ filled gym where it feels like everybody is watching and judging you.

Without keeping food journals which feels like being sentenced to a lifetime of extra homework all in the name of “eating healthy.”

And it definitely without any fad “detox” or “cleanse” which is all nonsense designed to give you false hope and take your hard earned money.

It naturally helps you build lean, sculpted muscle that will give your skin that smooth, radiant look you had in your 20s.

And the best part is…

You can activate your “Good Fat Hormone” known as IRISIN

…that relentlessly transforms your bad white fat into calorie burning brown fat that will turn your metabolism into a Fat Burning Furnace ALL DAY LONG.

All by following a simple 10-minute routine that ANYONE at ANY age in ANY condition can do.

And don’t worry, you don’t even have to do this 10-minute routine every single day…

In fact, all you need is 30 minutes PER WEEK to melt away all your stubborn fat, reveal the sexy, lean muscle hiding under your skin, and be the glowing, radiant star in every single room you walk into from now on…

Here’s A Small Sample of the Secrets You’ll Discover & The Amazing Results You’ll Get By Turning OFF Your Hidden Metabolic Glitch and Turning ON Your “Irisin Hormone” in Just 10-Minutes…

  • A simple movement pattern that floods your body with your Good Fat Hormone so that you can blister away up to 10 lbs of ugly fat in just 21 days (imagine the look you get every time you walk into a room or from people who rave about how great you look when they haven’t seen you in a while)
  • The secret behind “cellular pressure” and what it has to do with genetically forcing your fat cells to become less stubborn so you never store that unsightly fat on your body AGAIN! Eat more of your favorite foods and stay slim and trim all year long… your jealous friends will think you’re just one of those women with a “perfect metabolism.”
  • A little-know relaxation technique to use before you sleep that allows you to spring out of bed like a teenager and bound through your entire day with lasting energy (say goodbye to spending money at Starbucks)
  • How to stack your 10 Minute Stubborn Fat Movement Protocol with a simple eating trick that releases a deluge of nature’s most powerful antioxidant directly INSIDE every cell of your body (So your DNA automatically fixes damaged or aging cells taking years off of your appearance)
  • Want to wear that slinky bathing suit without feeling embarrassed? This 20-second twist routine will give you the firm, sexy stomach and tight buns and thighs that make you eager to go to the beach… while your friends hide behind their oversized clothes.
  • Ever hear of “Youth Hormones?” Discover how your body is
    designed to pump out powerful age-defying elixirs that
    keep your body sleek and lean well into your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond… and how your stubborn fat pumps out inflammation molecules that sabotage Mother Nature’s plan.
  • Why genes alone are not the reason that swimsuit models have such amazing thighs and buns… and how you can steal their research proven secret to releasing body sculpting growth factors that will reveal a figure you didn’t even know you had (just wait until you see the envy on the faces of your friends when they see you in a new tight-fitting dress)

Who Am I To Make Such An Amazing Promise And Why Should You Believe Every Single Word You Read On This Very Page

Hi, my name is Mauricio Huerta…

Yet my friends and my clients know me as the “Stubborn Fat Savior”…

…because I have a reputation of taking on the most difficult women and men who haven’t been able to lose weight for years and transform their bodies in just minutes right in their own living room.

And because my methods are so short, simple, grounded in science and have worked on me in the past, its impossible to not get faster results than with anything around you’ve ever tried in the past.

And after receiving thousands of emails from desperate weight gain sufferers the world in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s…
I discovered one serious problem that was sabotaging everyone’s results…

Too much exercise…

Which has led to your “good fat hormone” turning off and has made it impossible to burn belly fat.

You see, your body naturally produces more white fat cells when there’s too much pressure and stress from starvation dieting and butt-busting workouts.

Not only are fat cells more stubborn to get rid of, but they can’t use energy as easily as brown fat…

Instead they store calories, particularly in your hips, butt and thighs making it impossible get rid of your problem area fat.

So right now if you pinch those problem areas and feel that they can’t come off

Its because you have a massive build up of evil White Fat Cells…

That are now wreaking havoc on your internal systems and have already created a toxic environment that makes losing weight next to impossible.

The good news is…

You can instantly eliminate your evil White Fat Cells….

And REVERSE the fat-storing metabolic glitch that’s made you a victim of being overweight for years…

All in just 10 minutes.

And this quick story will tell you exactly…

How A Frustrated Woman On the Brink of Tears Led Me To Discover This Fat Loss BREAKTHROUGH From Harvard

You see, Nicole believed she was destined to be stuck in the mud, getting nowhere for the rest of her life.

Up until one fateful night she finally called me after hearing whispers about me at the gym.

“Hello, is this Mauricio?” she asked, “I need your help! I’ve heard you work fat loss miracles.”

“I can’t lose my belly fat no matter what I do! Please help!”

She told me how this struggle made her feel so insecure. It totally controlled her life.

Seeing as that she was in so much pain and frustration I decided I was going to help her.

If you want to lose fat, research shows that the right exercise timing controls 80% of your results,” I said to her surprise.

“That’s where I really need your help,” she said,
“I workout and eat healthy ALL THE TIME, but I don’t see a single change in my body. Nothing is making a difference.”

Seeing that she was doing what all the experts recommended and with no results I knew I had to come up with something NEW to help her…

So I locked myself in my home office and took a long, hard look at what I was doing…

I prided myself on being able to help ANYONE get a flat and firm belly while making all their worst health ailments go away in a matter of months…

And sure, I knew there were plenty of super short workouts online and that they were nothing new, however… THEY DIDN’T WORK…

So I had to find out exactly why she didn’t work which forced me to go through study after study day and night…

Researching and finding out exactly why she couldn’t lose her stubborn fat.

After thousands of research papers read… I finally discovered the SECRET…

It involved this cutting-edge fat loss formula from Harvard explaining how to activate your “Good Fat Hormone” known as Irisin…

But after studying thousands of other super short workouts online, I noticed that every single one was missing ONE thing that would deliver amazing results…

Each workout was lacking the ONE Cold Water-trick that switches ON your “Irisin Hormone” and makes weight loss all but guaranteed…

And let’s just say this fat melting secret lies in the order, angles, and intensity that you work a certain group of muscles and body parts…

Which 99% of fitness experts completely ignore.

So over the next few hours, I created a simple follow along body sculpting program based on short, 10-minute home workouts that INSTANTLY activate the powerful “Irisin Hormone” every single day…

So I gave this program to Nicole to which she showed me her results…

Not only did she lose 50 pounds but lost her last 10 pounds of stubborn fat in 21 days!

Seeing the amazing results Nicole received using these Harvard-Based workouts…

I decided to give the program to another client of mine who was struggling to melt away belly fat and she showed me her results.

Briana Used This Fat Loss Breakthrough, “I Lost Over 10 Pounds in 21 days and “I’ve Never Seen The Scale Move That Fast”

“I used to think workouts that were safe and easy on your joints didn’t give any results…

But not anymore. I can finally workout pain free so my husband doesn’t have to hear my complaining, especially with the scale moving this fast.

In only 21 days I lost 10.5 pounds and I’m finally able to show my body off at the beach without feeling insecure.”

– Briana G. – Office Clerk

So What Is This Breakthrough Fat Melting System That Has Thousands Of Women & Men Around The World Activating Their “Irisin Hormone” And Finally Seeing a Tight & Toned Body In Less Than 21 Days? I’d Like To Introduce You To…

Metabolic Stimulation Training ™
The ONLY Done-For-You Belly Flattening System That Makes Losing Weight & Melting Away Belly Fat As Easy And Automatic As Flipping A Switch

What if losing weight and burning belly fat was as easy and automatic as flipping a switch?

How hard is it to flip a switch? Do you even have to think about it?
You don’t…it just happens right?

It’s so easy, it’s automatic and just something you do every day…

That’s the secret behind the Metabolic Stimulation Training System…

  • You do NOT have to follow a complicated exercise plan that not only tears apart your joints with dangerous high impact exercises but also tears apart your brain with too much confusion.
  • You do NOT have to leave your house and go to an expensive gym that forces you to pay ridiculous fee only to be over crowded and not be able to enjoy your workout “judgment-free”.
  • You do NOT have to “starve yourself skinny” on some outrageous diet that makes you miserable only to gain ALL the weight back and more once you go back to eating normal…
  • You do NOT have to give any of your favorite foods that you crave so badly but only force yourself to eating bland rabbit food all day long because you’ve been mis-led into believing that’s what you must do.
  • And you definitely do NOT have to worry about getting “big and bulky” on some one-size-fits-all program that doesn’t understand what you truly desire for yourself and your body

The BEST part is…
Anyone at ANY age in ANY physical condition will…

  • Activate your “Good Fat Hormone” that turn your lazy white fat-storing cells into Fat destroying Brown Cells that will make you see results immediately after your first workout.
  • Turn OFF your Hidden Metabolic Glitch that tricks your brain and has kept you fat against your will for years
  • Flatten and firm your belly while REVERSING dangerous diseases like hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and even Diabetes without any pills or expensive medications…

All in just 10 minutes.

And you don’t have to take my word for it…

Jennifer Used This Body Transformation Secret To Tone Her Hips & Thighs After Cardio FAILED Her

“This program rocks, I’m finally getting that sexy, firm body. Not just losing fat, but my arms and legs are getting toned. I’m finally getting that head-to-toe hotness and taking sexy to a whole new level.

My only regret is that I didn’t start the program sooner, but instead thought that I could keep doing long workouts and they would still work.”

– Jennifer R. – Bank Teller

And Here Are Just A Few Of The Fat Melting Secrets You’ll Discover…

  • The BREAKTHROUGH Fat Melting” formula that melts away more belly fat in just 10 minutes so you can get 9x the results while having MORE time to watch TV, go out with your friends, and shop for the new clothes you’ll need because your old ones slide off you like XXL clothes on medium sized model.
  • The weird 23-second “Metabolic Stimulation” trick that turns ON your Good Fat Hormone which melts away fat like butter in a microwave without having to make a single change to your diet.
  • The shocking leg and booty toning exercise that celebrities like Kim Kardashian use every day to banish cellulite for good while keeping your body in bikini-ready shape year round.
  • How to instantly turn OFF your Hidden Metabolic Glitch that causes your body to think it’s starving and turns on your White Fat Cells making you pile on fat no matter how little you eat or how long you exercise.
  • Every time you walk down the street now, people will turn their heads towards you and you ONLY.
  • You’ll NEVER feel ashamed, uncomfortable, or down right embarrassed to look back at old pictures of yourself ever again.
  • You’ll no longer have to forcefully squeeze into your jeans and wiggle your waist.
  • Turn OFF the “Heart-Destroying Hormone” that floods your body and puts extreme pressure on your heart, veins, arteries and even lungs making you fatter while silently killing you only to realize it when it’s too late.
  • You’ll no longer have to bear the PAIN of overhearing your friends, co-workers and even kids making fun of your weight behind your back because they’re secretly embarrassed of how you look.

Think about it…
Trying everything you can think of and never being able to lose even a pound of fat is extremely frustrating

However you are NOT alone…

In fact…

When I first put this program together, I decided to give it to only the MOST FRUSTRATED clients of mine…

And here are what some of early testers of this program had to say. And hopefully these will inspire and motivate you to take action and re-claim your health so you will not only have a flat and firmer belly…

More importantly…

You’ll be able to add decades onto your life that you can spend with your family and children instead of leaving them too soon with a huge whole in their hearts…

Women Just Like You Reveal How It Felt To Finally Have The Health & Body They Desired

Think about it…

You’ve tried losing weight before, right?

I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of workout and diet programs over the years, yet there are still places on your body where you can grab handfuls of ugly stubborn fat and you wish they’d just disappear, and…

Maybe you hate looking at yourself in the mirror….

Maybe you wear baggy clothes so you can APPEAR thinner than you really are…

Or maybe you CRINGE when you look at pictures from even just a few weeks ago, barely recognizing the person who’s smiling on the outside, but feeling hopeless on the inside…

Look, you are NOT alone…

In fact, several of my clients had experienced those very same moments which you have and I wanted to share how they felt after they cured themselves of their “hidden metabolic glitch” in just 10 short minutes…

And hopefully their success stories will help you realize that you’re capable of transforming your body and life just like they did…

“Burning fat has never tasted so good”

“I’m always busy working, I don’t have the time to go through every program to make sure it right for me. I couldn’t’ have picked any better, Mauricio taught me how to get double the results in half the time spent at the gym and preparing food. He also taught me how to fit delicious foods on a daily basis while still burning fat.”

– Amber C. – DFW Realtor

“Double the results, half the time”

“I’ve always been one for working out when I had the time but I just hated how much time I spent paying attention to what I eat and in the kitchen. Ever since learning the techniques Maury taught, I spend less time worrying about exercise, eating and cleaning the dishes. And more time spent with my family and friends.”

– Diana E. – Pharmacy Assistant Manager

“Finally, a program that I can stick to”

“Everything else I tried just turned out to be a scam, my husband and family would always make fun of me for ordering the next “breakthrough” on TV. I was skeptical with the SFF at first after being disappointed so much, but there was a guarantee so I decided to take a chance.

I don’t regret it one bit. Finally! A system that I can actually stick to, that let’s me eat what I want while burning away unwanted stubborn fat. My family is now shocked that I can eat what they eat while still dropping pounds.”

– Maria S. – Leasing Agent

“They were asking me how my waist and thighs got so slim”

“I spend my whole day seated working and it’s tough to get in some exercise. I started using the program and was shocked by how simple it was, within a few days my coworkers kept on asking me what my “secret” was. I didn’t’ tell them.”

– Jessica R. – Secretary

And now, starting today you can use a rare combination of never seen before Body Transformation Secrets…

To FINALLY cure your Hidden Metabolic Glitch that has kept you overweight and unhealthy for years without even knowing it…

While you melt away stubborn belly fat and tone your hips & thighs for good in the comfort of your own home FASTER than you ever thought possible.

Introducing the Stubborn Fat Fix
The Only Step-By-Step Fat Burning System That Turns OFF Your Hidden Metabolic Glitch and Activates Your “Irisin Hormone” That Strips Away Ugly Fat In Only 10-Minutes So You Can Visibly SEE A Toned & Trim Body WITHOUT Long Grueling Workouts Or Dangerous Starvation Diets

I’m so excited to share this NEW total body transformation system with you, so you can finally get the tight and trim figure you deserve without having to waste hours in an overcrowded expensive gym or even having to sacrifice delicious foods ever again.

The Stubborn Fat Fix is a 21-day home movement program that only uses your bodyweight to activate the most powerful fat-burning hormone in your body that have been disabled by regular “eating less and exercising more”.

And the magic lies in each unique workout that activates your “Good Fat Hormone” so you can burn off every last ounce of fat in just 10 short minutes.

Even better…

Anyone at ANY age in ANY physical condition can do these movements, and…

The best part about it as that if you have ANY questions, need to request different exercises are easier or just any feedback…

You can easily send a message to my support desk since I have multiple highly-qualified support specialists working non-stop to give service to YOU.

You can also easily use the Low-Impact alternatives to continue melting away fat even if you have bad knees, sore ankles, back pain, or tight shoulders.

Elisa Melted OFF 5 Inches Around Her Belly, Waist & Thighs In LESS Than 2 Weeks Using This Harvard Breakthrough

“I always enjoyed being at least somewhat active, however it became a challenge for me to lose weight once I got married. I no longer had the time to exercise outdoors like I use to.

What helped me out the most was that these workouts only took 10 minutes which allowed me to do them right before work.

The main thing I liked about the workouts was the intensity level. Even though it’s only 10 minutes, you can definitely feel they burn more fat than a half-hour of cardio.

Today I feel better, I no longer have to stuff myself into my pants like I use to and I’m more aware of what I eat.

Between work and spending time with my husband this workout plan was a great way to keep me active, since I sit all day at my current job.”

– Elisa B. – Customer Support Specialist

Here’s Your Exact 3-Step Fat Burning System To SEE Your Flattest & Most Firm Belly Ever In Just 3 Short Weeks

This follow along bodyweight program hits your entire body at a number of different angles so you can trim and tone every inch without suffering through the same boring routine every day…

Each workout builds on the previous one so you continue to increase your fat-burning metabolism while you keep your body guessing about what’s coming up next…

So you’ll NEVER suffer the dreaded “weight loss plateau” that’s so frustrating and RUINS well-intentioned people like yourself who are willing to put in the work but have unfortunately been given the wrong information from the so-called “experts”.

Here’s a small sample of how this revolutionary Fat Melting System works…

This done-for-you bodyweight program activates your body’s natural fat burning cycles that absolutely MUST be working together in order for women over 35 to lose problem area fat as they age.

This is not only the fastest way possible for your body to burn all your unwanted fat…

It’s the ONLY way…

Each workouts builds on the previous one so you can continue to increase the amount of calorie-burning “Good Fat” that keeps your metabolism actives for up to 96 hours while keeping your body guessing about what’s coming up next…

You’ll NEVER have to suffer a “weight loss plateau” that’s so frustrating and RUINS honest people just like you who are willing to put in the work but have been mislead with lies from so-called “experts”.

Here’s just a small sample of each step from this Harvard Breakthrough Formula Works…

Step #1: Stubborn Fat Shrinking Effect

Turns OFF Your Hidden “Metabolic Glitch” To
SEE A Flatter More Firm Belly From Day 1

Workouts 1 – 6

First, you’ll Switch OFF Evil “Fat Hormone” because you will be using our signature, NEVER before seen, TOTAL BODY movements you’ll INSTANTLY activate and SHOCK your belly’s stubborn fat cells which will FORCE your stomach to melt fat in less than 24 hours.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Little known Stubborn Fat Fix movements that activate your metabolism increasing your “good” metabolically active fat, which forces your body to melt away evil white fat for the next 96 hours all while even laying in bed or sitting on the couch with your kids.
  • My SECRET “Ultimate Switch” system that causes metabolic overdrive, giving you all day energy and eliminating any bloating.
  • The exercise secret physique competitors, fitness models, and athletes from all over the world have used to melt away their stubborn fat from their most stubborn areas.
  • The Breakthrough cold-water trick that forces your body incinerate stubborn belly fat while you sleep

Step #2: The Stubborn Fat Fix Shrinking Effect

Turns ON Your “Fat Melting Switch” To
INSTANTLY Releasing The Trapped Fat Around Your Hips, Thighs And Tummy

Workout 7 – 12

You’ll TURN ON you’re the Stubborn Fat Fix Effect Body to finally RELEASE the trapped fat that’s been clinging to your body for years and where you’ll really SEE your hips, thighs and tummy automatically tighten up day after day…

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Unique total body movements that sculpt your trouble zones and melt away fat from your most undesirable “problem areas”
  • The 27-Second The Stubborn Fat Fix Shrinking movement that melts away your love handles in minutes so you’ll LOOK and FEEL thinner in only 24 hours
  • WARNING: Using this technique is like performing rapid liposuction on your stubborn areas without the dangerous side effects or health risks. ONLY use this if you’re ready for the fastest fat loss of your life.
  • Because these movements incorporate the ENTIRE body… You’ll get that tight and toned look WITHOUT all the added suffering.

Step #3: The Stubborn Fat Fix Shrinking Effect

The Forever Fat Meltdown Solution
TRIPLE Your Fat Loss & Eliminate “Problem Areas” Forever

Workout 13 – 18

The 3rd and final Stubborn Fat Fix Effect you’ll TURN UP your metabolism to INSTANTLY Force Your Body To Incinerate Body Fat Non-Stop For 72 Hours and Because Our Movements Are Completed In ONLY 30 Second Intervals And For Less Than 10 Minutes a Day… You Have Successfully Altered Your “Bad Fat” and produce only “Good Fat” that and will finally enjoy the body you desire.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • After you’ve completed Step 3, the secret The Stubborn Fat Fix system in in FULL affect where you now not only feel amazing results but your weight and pant sizes start to drop faster than ever before.
  • WARNING: Using this 3 Step Stubborn Fat Shrinking Effect is like turning the clock and your body back to when you were in your early 20’s. ONLY use this if you’re ready for everybody to treat you with instant respect as they see your lean, toned bikini body.
  • How to ACTIVATE Your Stubborn Areas to 10x your total fat loss leaving you slimmer and more toned WITHOUT adding extra sets, reps or minutes to the end of your short workout

The Stubborn Fat Fix Is The Secret To Switching Off Your “Hidden Metabolic Glitch” And Transforming Your Body In Just 30 Minutes Per Week

If you’re ready to transform your body in just 30 minutes PER WEEK…

And if you’re ready to never feel ashamed of the person looking back at you in the mirror, please listen because I know I can help you get what you want.

It doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, or personal trainer for $85 per session. It doesn’t require any special equipment and you can do it in the comfort of your family room.

The Stubborn Fat Fix costs 50 – 75% less than a one month gym membership! No $800+ bikes, treadmills, or weight systems

And no creepy people staring at you while your trainer yell’s at you to finish each rep.

When you invest in The Stubborn Fat Fix and the body you’ve always wanted – Here’s exactly what you’ll receive…

The Complete Stubborn Fat Fix

Key #1: The Stubborn Fat Fix Training Guide ($99 Value)

The main guide covers the complete training and includes all the “peer-reviewed” exercises that takes advantage of this breakthrough Harvard study.

Your Stubborn Fat will have no choice but melt away as you use the Best of The Best exercises.

Even though you’ll see results in 21 days, I thought I would go ahead and add more to the program and give you a full 12 weeks worth at no additional cost.

Not only do these no-equipment workouts take 10 minutes, they are also designed to transform as much of your evil white fat cells into good calorie-burning brown fat, which will let you watch the fat melt off every-second of every-day.

Even though you’ll see results in 21 days, I thought I would go ahead and add more to the program and give you a full 12 weeks worth at no additional cost.

So just imagine that you would have me right at your side training you for 12 full weeks. Which as my top clients would tell you, would cost a small fortune of at least $7200.

And to be fair, that’s already an incredibly valuable offer for the secrets delivered in this book, but you’re not going to pay anywhere NEAR that and you are going to get much much more.

Key #2: The Stubborn Fat Fix Nutrition Calculator ($99 Value)

Did you know that the American Medical Association found in a breakthrough research study, that men and women over the age of 35 who planned what they ate lost an average of 37% more belly fat than those who didn’t’?

Luckily you will easily be apart of the “37%” group and melt away stubborn belly fat 10X easier thanks to the The Stubborn Fat Fix Nutrition Calculator.

The calculator will tell you exactly what you need to eat and what amount and give you the freedom to spread it out over your own personal preferences. It will also take into the account the Breakthrough Study giving you the inside scoop on what exactly how much Harvard scientist recommend that you eat.

What would have taken you 45 minutes to figure out on your own, just took you less than 6 seconds… how great is that?

Key #3: The Quick Start Manual ($99 Value)

All the planning is DONE FOR YOU. I’ve taken every single step to make sure you don’t fail and don’t need to waste time planning.

To the end, I’ve created the STUBBORN FAT FIX quick-start check list – just go through the list before you start and it tell you EVERYTHING you need to get started with the program ASAP.

It will also let you take the guesswork out of where to begin with the program, as you’ll know EXACLTY where and how to start.

Think of it as the extremely shortened version in case you don’t have time to read the whole manual, that way you can get started right away and begin melting away ugly stubborn belly fat as soon as tonight!

Key #4: The Stubborn Fat Fix Nutrition Manual ($99 Value)

Most people will always struggle by thinking hard on what to eat.

That’s why even though you’re getting scientifically proven fat melting workout techniques, you still need some guidance when it comes to your diet if you really want to destroy your stubborn fat.

Luckily for you there will be no guesswork involved.

You will also get a quick reference guide and grocery list on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

This Nutrition Manual will guarantee that everything is perfectly in place for you to stay on track right out of the gate, while giving you the metabolic stimulation principles you need to sustain your results for the REST of YOUR LIFE.

Everything you’ll ever need to know so you finally have the body you want while NEVER having to diet again!

KEY #5: The Stubborn Fat Fix Supplement Guide ($99 Value)

Did you know that the American Medical Association now recommends that men and women over 35 NEED to supplement their diets?

This is even more critical for stubborn fat loss because you’ll need those critical nutrients to reduce excess hunger and “metabolic burnout.”

But most supplements are garbage… in this tell all guide I’ll pull back the curtain the dirty secrets the supplement industry is hiding and reveal simple, low-cost, powerful supplements that will help you burn away stubborn fat while you sleep.”

But Wait! That’s Not All!

When you order TODAY ONLY you’ll also get The Ultimate Guide To Fast Stubborn Fat Loss While Eating Your Favorite Foods for FREE!

Losing fat and getting in shape has never tasted so good!
Discover my STEP-BY-STEP guide which has the entire work taken care of FOR YOU! In this guide you will figure out exactly how to…
  • Melt away ugly stubborn belly fat by eating chocolate
  • Force fat out while stuffing yourself with delicious pizza
  • Burn fat while eating donuts
  • Flatten your belly while indulging on ice cream
  • The dirty little secret for eating cookies
  • Getting lean while eating burgers
  • The deadly mistake that makes this fail for 99% of people (and how to fix it)
  • Along with how to eat for the rest of the day!

All the work is entirely taken care of, every single client I have given this too as a gift has thanked me so much afterwards!

And I’m giving it to you when you order today because I love to reward fast-action-takers.
This is easily alone worth the price of admission but order today and ITS ALL YOURS FREE, so you won’t have to pay the usual price ($197).

This Brand New Fat Melting System Will Work For ANYONE at ANY Age in ANY Condition Even If…

“Nothing Has Ever Worked For Me In The Past”

I know how you feel about that. I was just like you, trying everything from diet pills to infomercial gadgets, down to even ridiculous detox cleanses.

I know how you want to get the results you deserve, but I want them even more for you. That’s why I’ve busted my brain putting everything you need into this done-for-you system, that actually delivers REAL RESULTS.

Most programs are more are more concerned about “being extreme” and have super hard workouts that they don’t care that 99% of people NEVER actually finish the program…

And I think that’s absurd, which is why I spent months crafting an easy-to-follow program that only takes 50 minutes PER WEEK, which means….
As long as you have 10-minutes here and there to flatten your belly and add YEARS onto your life, then you’ll easily be able to stick with the program and see amazing results…

And if for any very rare chance, this cutting-edge formula doesn’t work for you, then its FREE… You have nothing to lose whatsoever.

“I Don’t Have Any Time”

I know you’re busy and quite frankly you shouldn’t have to devote an hour or more everyday to get in the most amazing shape of your life, in fact…
Exercising too long can actually ruin your results, put extreme pressure on your heart, lungs, and joints, while forcing your body to STORE more belly fat…

Which is why I created this system where you’ll only need 10 minutes to workout even while you’re watching T.V. at home, before going to work in the morning, while you’re playing with your kids and even right before bed.

Sculpt your entire body, burn off the ugly fat that’s been clinging to your body for years, and unleash the fabulous new you that’s been waiting to come out for decades.

“My Metabolism Is Too Slow/ I have Bad Genetics”

I use to have a bad metabolism too and even gained weight by eating broccoli and apples.

But it can be fixed…

and anybody no matter what age, gender or race can lose fat.

And I’ve worked with several people who’ve had even worst genes than you, Even people who gain weight just by looking at food.

However, their Bad Genes and Slow metabolism didn’t stand a chance again this Cutting-Edge Formula that turned their bodies into Fat Burning Furnaces.

Your stubborn metabolism will be shocked like never before once you finally turn on your “good fat hormone” and make your fat metabolically active.

“I Haven’t Exercised in Months”

That’s the beauty of this 10-minute Body Sculpting System. You’re not doing long, grueling workouts that leave you sore, miserable, and unable to walk for days.

For the first few workouts, simply go at your own pace and take plenty of breaks as you ease yourself into the exercises. Then as you progress, you can increase the intensity for even FASTER results.

I’ve had women and men from their early 30’s all the way up to age 76 get in amazing shape with these short burst belly slimming workouts.

“I’m Too Old”

Whether you’re in your 40s or even 80s… You will benefit from the cutting-edge workouts that are easy on your joints, help prevent any heart disease, make you live longer and will give you more energy than a 20 -year old.

In fact, these workouts are specifically to burn over 35 Stubborn. So after the first week you’ll be feeling years younger with endless amounts of energy and a newfound sense of youth.

Even your kids and maybe even grand kids will be asking you what your secret is.

“I don’t have the motivation”

It’s NOT your fault…

You see it’s not that you lack motivation…. It’s that you have never experienced this cutting edge system that actually gives you great results.

It’s impossible to stay motivated when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, with no results.

And I know firsthand how frustrating it is to keep trying everything that the media promotes to me with NO results.

But with this system, you’ll see results in as little as 1 week. Seeing those results you’ll definitely keep pushing forward like never before.

Michelle Used This Fat Melting Secret & Lost 12 Pounds in 26 Days

“I couldn’t be any happier.

As a busy soccer mom, I usually have to buy stuff to eat on the go. I never though I could ever do that while losing weight and still making it on time to see my step-daughters game. I lost 12 pounds in 26 days following the program.

I no longer have to worry about missing her game just to make it to the gym.”

– Michelle C. – 38 Yr. Old Accountant

The Stubborn Fat Fix Is Not For Everyone

You’ll Finally SEE Toned Hips and Thighs Firm to the Touch in Less Than 10 minutes

While the Stubborn Fat Fix has incredible techniques that can help any woman of any age…

I have to be very clear with you… Its NOT FOR EVERYONE…

If you think that you’re going to get instant results overnight and tone your hips and thighs without any work then I’m sorry…

This is NOT for you.

And I know there are hundreds of programs out there promising you the world in terms of instant overnight results, however…

I prefer being honest instead of lying to you right from the beginning, so…
If you’re looking for a magic pill to melt away all your belly fat with ZERO effort on your part then I’m sorry, but is not for you.

The good news is…

I’ve done everything possible to make it as simple, easy and done-for-you to follow

If you’re willing to commit to just 10-minutes a few times a week, then you will see amazing total body transformation type results WITHOUT having to suffer through one more long, joint-killing workout or miserable “starve yourself skinny” diet…

And because you only need 10 minutes to get a flat and firm belly on this breakthrough NEW rapid results plan, you’ll be able to stick with it and finally get the body of your dreams…

No matter how hectic your busy days get.

I guarantee you’ll love the results you will get…. But you still have to take action and follow the easy workouts and easy food principles…

Compare For Yourself The Stubborn Fat Fix Against Other “Working” Options

  • NO MORE expensive workout equipment needed.
  • NO MORE spending $50 per month on smelly overcrowded gyms
  • NO MORE wasting thousands of dollars on unproven personal trainers
  • NO MORE wasting years of your life trying to figure out a program that WORKS! This system takes only 10 minutes and all done-for-you
  • NO MORE long boring cardio that wastes your precious time.
  • NO MORE having to starve yourself by eating rabbit food all-day long

The important thing is I want you to know that’s is easy for you to get amazing results.

Now I want to be completely honest with you and give you insider knowledge on what it would actually cost to work with me in person to achieve these results that can get you melting away belly fat within seconds.

If you were to hire me as your trainer and work with you in person to help you get amazing results like these, it would cost you between $4-6K depending on where you’re starting from.

That’s also only if there’s a spot available which usually booked 4-6 months in advance.

And to be honest…

I originally thought about making this cutting-edge program available for $495.
For $495 you would never have to shell out any more money on a lousy trainer or an expensive gym membership.

You would also never have to worry about paying outrageous hospital bills that come with Diabetes and high-blood pressure.

On top of that… being able to see your body changing right before your eyes while spending less time working out and more time eating your favorite foods each and every day…

$495 would be a killer deal.

But you see.. Its not about the money.

I Got Into This Industry To Help People, So There Is No Way I’m Charging $495

However, considering that I’m already a successful trainer who helped many others lose thousands of pounds of over 35 stubborn fat, I’m going to take this even further.

When you take action and order The Stubborn Fat Fix right now, you’ll pay only the ridiculously low price of $99 to get rid of unwanted stubborn belly fat.

You will finally be able to melt away every single ounce of fat that has been clinging to your stomach for years and finally enjoy your life while being symptom free of life threatening diseases while fitting into those pairs of jeans that you haven’t worn since your 20s.

Now, before you jump on this exclusive opportunity…

Let’s Make A Deal

My goal is to get The Stubborn Fat Fix into the hands of as many people possible.

You see I really want to hear about YOUR results and how this program has changed YOUR LIFE.

So I’m going to do you one even better…

I want you to hear about your results as soon as TOMORROW

I want you to email me your progress tomorrow night…

So you’re not going to pay the already ridiculously low price of just $99

Instead, when you buy within the next 20 minutes, you’ll get the #1 Fat Burning Formula at a ridiculous 80% discount!

But you must click the “Add-To-Cart” button before the limited time pre-sale discount is over if you want to get the special rate of only $19.

Once the timer expires this offer disappears, and goes back up to $99!

Sorry, The Pre-Sale Discount Has Ended.

Price: $99

You Do NOT Have To Decide Right Now

You may still be skeptical that a simple easy-to-follow home Belly Flattening System that ANYONE at ANY age in ANY condition can do will deliver these amazing results…

I would be skeptical too and you’re smart to question everything before trying it out for yourself…

Which is why you can test out the ENTIRE Stubborn Fat Fix program while toning your most stubborn areas.

And you can even go through the entire program TWICE and if you don’t believe you got 10x the value of what you paid for…

Then I insist on giving you a 100% full refund

Because you’ll instantly be backed by my No Questions Asked 60-Day No Excuses Guarantee

The Stubborn Fat Fix Triple Guarantee


If you have not seen the fastest results from this system rather than any other workout system on the market, you will get a complete 100% refund. I have seen many workout programs and there is absolutely nothing like this out there.


As I said before… anybody at any age can use these workouts and see amazing results. No matter your fitness level. Whether it’s your first time exercising or experienced working out… If you put the program to use, you will get amazing results.


I am so confident that you’ll be absolutely blown away by the information you’ll discover in this training system that if you are not 100% satisfied, I insist you ask for a refund within the next 60 days.

This is how confident I am in this program. If any of these promises are not met, I insist that you us an email and you will get every single penny you paid. The best part is that you still get to keep the whole program for free!

I promise you… If Nicole and my clients can do it… then you can too!

Sorry, The Pre-Sale Discount Has Ended.

Price: $99

Look, The Truth Is You’re At a Crossroads Right Now and You Only Have 3 Options…

Option #1 is to simply close out of this website and leave.

Forget all the information you learned about your hidden “Metabolic Glitch” and how they’re scarring your heart and adding inches to your belly every single week…

And if you never address this issue at the source, you’ll be taking YEARS off your life even though you don’t feel and notice any changes in your body day in and day out.

You’ll go back to living your same life that’s left you desperately searching for answers to finally lose the weight and belly fat that you’ve been trying to hide under your baggy clothes for years.

And the truth is, if you do nothing…

Well, then… nothing will ever change.

Option #2 figure it all out on your own

You’ll take the information you learned today and try to implement it on your own.

You can also search the thousands of free articles and videos out there to come up with your own plan…

So you don’t have to part with the 19 measly dollars while you struggle transform your body all on your own.

Although if it were that easy…

Why haven’t you done it yet?

Things will come up and you’ll end up more frustrated than ever because you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to banish your belly fat forever but you passed it up to save a few measly bucks that would have changed your life.

Option #3 is you can take the easy way out and let me do all the hard work for you

So in just a few short minutes you can have instant access to the exact Done-For-You fat loss breakthrough from Harvard University, which makes up a 21-day step-by-step blueprint that is so easy to follow, you’ll never be confused for a single second…

So you can wake up tomorrow morning with the energy of a 5 year old on Christmas morning, as you already start to see and feel the changes in your belly.

You deserve to be happy with the confidence of an A-list movie star walking the red carpet moments before their big movie premiere that they already know is going to be a huge hit…

And you can have it all without ever wasting a single penny ever again on bogus diet programs or expensive workout DVD’s that kill your knees and break your back only to discover those solutions never work for regular people like you and me.

The best part is in 10 short minutes you’ll be done.

All you have to do is click the Buy Now button below to receive instant access and have your VIP discount immediately applied to your order.

At age 41 Carrie was finally able to lose her stubborn fat.

“I have always struggled with problem areas, I tried personal trainers, fat burners and even some weird waist shapers. None of them worked, but working with Mauricio sure did and I couldn’t be any happier!”

– Carrie L. – Retail Manager

“I’m Down 13 Pounds in only 4 weeks and going strong! Never felt this way before.”

Even though she was a private client of mine, Erica was still pretty skeptical. I let her try to the program for free and she was astounded with the results she got.

She managed to lose 13 pounds in 4 weeks and her friends are so jealous!

“Your program is awesome!” – Erica J. – Secretary

Sorry, The Pre-Sale Discount Has Ended.

Price: $99

“12 pounds in 3 weeks. I don’t workout nearly as much as I use to”

Emily is a private coaching client of mine who I told to try the program. She wanted to get ready for her best friends wedding but was not sure were to start.

“I Don’t workout nearly as much I use to. I would spend hours at the gym exhausted and feeling miserable all the time. But your workouts are just so much quicker and easier for me to do.”

– Emily B. – Counselor

Mauricio Huerta
NFPT and ISTA Trainer
Stubborn Fat Specialist
Best-Selling Author of the Stubborn Fat Fix

P.S. I can tell you from personal and professional experience that the ONLY reason you don’t have the body you desire is because you’re training completely WRONG. It’s not your age, weight, fitness level or anything….

It’s simply that you don’t have this cutting edge information available… other wise every single woman would have the flat belly they desire.

P.P.S. Every day that passes you by, you are wasting your body away and risking your health. Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s is increasing as we speak. It will also continue to plague you every day for not letting you feel confidence.

You will NEVER see the change you desire if you keep procrastinating. Yet right now you can take action and finally see results in less than 10 minutes per day without even leaving your room.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you don’t have to commit right now. You are protected with my money back guarantee. You can decide after you buy the program and have experienced amazing results.

There is absolutely nothing for you to lose. Take action right NOW and enjoy having a flat belly, toned hips and thigh; and the body you’ve always wanted risk free.

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Price: $99

In Order To Help You Make The Best Decision Possible For the Health Of You And Your Family…
Here Are Questions From Real Clients

Q: What is the Stubborn Fat Fix? And why does it work so well with woman over 35?

Millions of women over 35 are suffering from a “Hidden Metabolic Glitch” that shuts off the production of Irisin which is your good fat hormone. This means that the fat your body produces only causes you to get even fatter.

Which is why no matter how much you “eat less and move more’ you won’t be able to get rid of your stubborn fat unless you take advantage of this Harvard Breakthrough which teaches you exactly how to melt away ugly stubborn belly fat by fighting bad fight with good fat.

Once you take advantage of this breakthrough from Harvard, your body will have no choice but melt away even your most stubborn areas.

No other program out there addresses this “hidden metabolic glitch”, which is why you haven’t been able to burn belly fat and lose weight consistently. It’s not your fault, you simply didn’t have this breakthrough information until now.

Q: When will I see results?

Some have lost up to a pound a day , however the average is 3-5 pounds of fat lost in the first 7-10 days. But what is guarantee for sure if you follow the whole program all the way through is your last 10 pounds in 21 days.

Q: Why is it so affordable?

Like I said earlier, I don’t do it for the money, if you were to compare the results you will get from this program with the results from other so-called “expert” program, then you will notice your getting an amazing deal for the price you paid.

I really just want this to be as affordable as possible. I could easily charge much more for this, but I don’t want to. I want to get this formula into the hands of as many people as possible, but only make enough to cover my expenses in website maintenance and program creation.

I mean after all, $19 is really affordable for anybody reading this, there should be nothing stopping you from getting it.

Q: Can this program really help me lose fat from my most stubborn areas?

Yes, indeed. If you already haven’t, take the 5 Second Doctor Approved Routine to Discover If You’re A Victim of the Hidden Metabolic Glitch That Forces You to Store Stubborn Fat.

Pinch the fat in an area of your body that easy to lose. It feels squishy right?

Now pinch the fat in an area of your body that’s tough to lose

Women: Hips and thighs.

You’ll notice that it feels different. That’s because this hidden metabolic glitch of stubborn fat even harder and more stubborn.

The only way you’ll get rid of it with maximizing your “good fat hormone” to burn bad fat with good fat.

Q: Is it for men or women?

This hidden metabolic glitch is 7X more prevalent in women so while Men might be able to get results from this program.

It was only designed for women.

Q: What if I don’t have time to read the manual?

No problem! The Fast Start Guide takes care of that for you, letting you know exactly what you need to figure out before you start the program.

Shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to read. Even then the program is highly flexible, meaning that if you can make changes on the days, time and duration of the workouts so it can fit YOUR SCHEDULE.

And even if you don’t have 20 minutes, then reading JUST 10 MINUTES will still benefit you.

Better yet, reading this manual will save you years of frustration, trial & error and wasted time giving you the secrets to 95% of your results.

So think of it as a VERY VERY SMALL time investment right now…

Huge return on time later when you are out ENJOYING YOUR LIFE, ENJOYING YOUR body and never having to restrain yourself of YOUR FAVORITE FOODS EVER AGAIN.

Q: What if I have more than just 10 LBS to lose, maybe 20, 30 or 40LBS?

Then you can still get some awesome benefits from the STUBBORN FAT FIX. As it’s the ultimate combination of simple, tasty, effective and fat destroying programs available.

It was designed specifically for these kind of people

If you:

  • Stopped losing fat, the scale doesn’t move, but you can’t explain why
  • Feel like you are so close, yet so far, struggling with those last few pounds
  • Dealing the problem area fat

However, even if have more weight to lose you will still benefit from the Stubborn Fat Fix as you will eventually hit a point in which your fat loss slows down.

So it’s better to do it now than later.

Even if you have a lot more weight to lose, using these cutting-edge methods will make people accuse you of cheating or even undergoing surgery. So if you want faster results, just go with the SFF already.

Q: Do I need a gym membership?

Nope, not at all.

You can choose to substitute some exercises with gym equipment if you know how but I wouldn’t bother.

Q: Can someone my age use it? (I’m 65?)

Absolutely. As long as you have a medical clearance to diet and exercise this program will work for you if you follow it correctly. When in doubt you can always check with your healthcare professional.
The Main thing to keep in mind is that everything is scalable; if something is new or feels unfamiliar, it will take practice to get used to it.

But remember, as we age, it’s even MORE important to be in great shape. So it’s better to solve that problem now while you can.

Better to get rid of the over 40 Stubborn Fat sooner than later. Especially with hand-crafted workouts that are safe and easy on your joints.

Q: I barely know how to exercise, will this program work for me?

You might consider yourself a beginner but that’s a relative term.

The Stubborn Fat Fix has a pre-designed structure in nature and has a few “advanced” techniques that create incredible fat burning effects.
That being said though, modifications can easily be made to it that make it suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

Keep in mind there is also no clear-cut definition of what a “beginner” is, it all depends on your familiarity with the working out, nutrition and being able to follow through.

So if you consider yourself a “beginner” but willing to put in the work, learn as you go and be consistent then YES, this program will work for you and get you the body you’ve always wanted.

In fact, it’s probably better you learn these techniques now, so you don’t have to get frustrated, waste time, money and energy on things that didn’t work like I did for several years.

Even if you have no clue how to workout or exercise, reading the incredible information inside will still benefit you if you truly want to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Q: Is it for men or women?

That’s Great to hear you’re someone who values their health.

Even though you may already be getting results, the Stubborn Fat Fix is meant to blast through any plateaus and allow you finally get the most out of your fat loss.

If you’re already doing another workout, that’s great, just add it on and it will enhance your results 10X as much.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the program, you can take advantage of our 60-Day Money-Back-Guarantee. You’ll receive 100% of your money back, so all the risk is on me.

The best part is you get the whole done-for-you program for FREE!

Sorry, The Pre-Sale Discount Has Ended.

Price: $99

Everything in this course is delivered to you instantly via download immediately after your purchase. (No waiting for anything and saves you money!)Obligatory disclaimer: The FTC requires us to specify what “typical” results are. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. BUT, for those who actually USE the program, all of the success stories featured above are very typical in terms of results.

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